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1A Brookdale Ave, Toronto, ON M5M 1P2

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Tuesday: 12 PM to 5 PM
Wednesday: 12 PM to 5 PM
Thursday: 12 PM to 7 PM
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Saturday: 12 PM to 5 PM

Woodward Meats Uptown

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AAA Beef Filet Mignon 8 oz

4 x 8 oz, individually packed (2 lbs)

AAA Beef Flat Iron Grilling Steak

6 x 8 oz, individually packed (3 lbs)

AAA Beef NY "Sandwich" Steak

8 x 6 oz (3 lbs)

From the end cut of the striploin. Great for sandwiches, salads, fajitas.

AAA Beef NY Steak

4 x 10 oz, individually packed (2.5 lbs)

CDN Prime Beef NY Steak (Thick Cut)

6 x 20 oz, individually packed (7.5 lbs)
Approximately 2" thick, great for sharing!

Grass Fed Beef Sampler Box

The ideal box for the diner looking to sample a taste of our grass fed beef offerings from Australian Great Southern
100% grass fed for life, raised with no added hormones, GMO free, antibiotic free, free range.

2 x 10 oz Little Joe Grass Fed New York Steak (MBS 4+)
2 x 12 oz Pinnacle Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak
2 x 1 lb Grass Fed Ground Beef

All product is frozen.

Premium Beef Chuck Brisket Burger

8 x 6 oz, 50/50 chuck/brisket blend (3 lbs)
100% beef - no other ingredients

Steak Lover's Box

For the steak lover who wants to try a sampling of some of our most popular grades. Makes an excellent host or hostess gift!

1 x 8 oz Snake River Farms Wagyu Flat Iron Steak
1 x 10 oz Great Southern Pinnacle AUS 100% Grass Fed New York Steak
1 x 12 oz CDN Prime New York Steak
1 x 14 oz Dry Aged CDN AAA Rib Eye Steak (aged 28 days)

All product is frozen.

Wagyu Beef Flat Iron Steak Snake River Farms

4 x 8 oz, individually packed (2 lbs)
From Snake River Farms


Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless

Randomly sized approx. 6-7 oz, individually packed (2.45 lbs)

Chicken Fingers

70-80 pieces (4 kg)

Chicken Nuggets

Uncooked (5 lbs)
**Please note, may contain joined or misshapen nuggets

Chicken Supreme

6 x 8-9 oz (3.2 lbs)
Boneless, skin on breast, drum wing attached

Chicken Thighs

3 x 1 lb
boneless and skinless

Chicken Wings Jumbo

2 x 3 lbs (6 lbs)
Raw and unbreaded

Prepared Foods & Restaurant Partners

King Taps "Just Gimme a Pepperoni" Pizza

Made by King Taps in Toronto
1 x 12" frozen pizza. Serves 2. Heat and serve.

King Taps "Margherita" Pizza

Made by King Taps in Toronto
1 x 12" frozen pizza. Serves 2. Heat and serve.

King Taps "Stinging Bee" Pizza

Made by King Taps in Toronto
1 x 12" frozen pizza. Serves 2. Heat and serve.

La Palma Bolognese Lasagna

La Palma's infamous bolognese lasagna!
9 x 9 inches, approximately 2.5 kg
1 full tray. Serves 4. Heat and serve from frozen.
Made by La Palma

Pies By Squires Sausage Rolls

A timeless classic. Pork sausage with rosemary wrapped in flaky puff pastry. One of those “eat anytime, with ketchup, brown sauce, whatever you fancy” items.
From Pies By Squires

4 x large pork sausage rolls wrapped in puff pastry and finished with sesame seeds
Serves approximately 4 people or more as an appetizer

Pies By Squires Short Rib & Bone Marrow Pie

Slow cooked short rib in red wine gravy. Encased in a tender, flaky suet crust.
Bone marrow centre to enrich flavour.
From Pies By Squires

1 x 9" bone marrow and short rib pie
Serves approximately 3-4 people

Shepherds Pie

Family-style rustic ground beef shepherds pie.
Bake from frozen or thawed!
2 x 1 kg


Acorn-Fed Iberico Pork Rib Chop

6 x 8 oz, individually packed (3 lbs)
Spanish Iberian Pork
"Frenched" bone
Product of Spain

Carne Iberico Sample Box

Often referred to as the "wagyu of pork" enjoy three of Spain's most legendary Spanish Iberico Pork specialty butcher cuts - all in one box!

2 x Pluma (.75 lbs per piece) - Most prized cut in Spain! Incredibly juicy & sumptuously soft in texture.
1 x Presa (approx. 1.5 lbs) - Heavily marbled, succulent and tender. Eats like a steak.
2 x Secreto (.50 lbs per piece) - The butchers 'secret' cut. Heavily marbled with a rich buttery flavour. Quick cooking.

All product is frozen.


Mild Italian Sausage

4 oz per sausage 2/vac (6 sausages)
Gluten Free, uncooked

Sliced Premium Bacon

3 lbs per box
Side bacon, traditional style
New small-format size!

Fish / Seafood

Atlantic Salmon Skin On

6 x 5 oz, individually packed (1.88 lbs)

Halibut - Wild, Canadian Pacific

12 x 4 oz, individually packed (3.0 lbs)

Vodka Smoked Salmon

3 x 200 gm packages, sliced
Marinated in a vodka spiked blend of 9 spices then cold smoked with natural wood chips before slicing for a complex flavour and velvety mouthfeel.
Thaw in the refrigerator overnight then enjoy!