Fundraising made easy

The Woodward Meats fundraising program was created to help you raise funds for your team or organization by selling popular cuts of meat to friends and family at an affordable price.

Oh, and it's as simple as sharing a link...

Online Meat and Fish Fundraising Program

Register your team

Register for our program to receive your custom fundraiser link.

Share with friends and family

Share the link through email or social media and earn a percentage of total sales.

Monitor funds raised

We'll provide you with weekly reports so you can keep up to date with how you're progressing with your fundraising goal.

How to raise funds

Our fundraising program is designed to assist teams and organizations in Southern Ontario and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) in raising funds for a variety of different causes. Whether you're a non-profit, youth sports team, school initiative or workplace campaign we're here to help.

To do this we've leveraged our online retail platform to allow for affiliate marketing. All this means is that your fundraiser will get a custom page on our website where people can support your cause by purchasing our products. Any sales completed through your page will be credited to your fundraiser and at the end of the fundraising period you'll receive a percentage of the total sales.

The entire process is paperless and pickup is completed by your supporters. No more distributing order forms or organizing pickup and delivery of all the orders you've collected.

  • Completely paperless - order and payment completed online
  • Access to our full online store product list and at the same prices
  • Supporters choose a pickup date and location that is convenient for them

Get in touch

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