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Grass-fed beef has gained a lot of popularity lately but even with its recent resurgence there are still some misconceptions out there that we’d like to clear up. By the end of this article you’ll know the ins and outs of grass-fed beef and what sets it apart.

Grass Fed vs Grain Fed Beef

While all cattle consume grass and forages as a primary source of nutrients for the first part of their lives, the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef comes into play as the cattle head to harvest in what's referred to as the "finishing" stage.


Grain-finished cattle have grains introduced into their diet 3-4 months prior to harvest. This causes the cattle to rapidly produce a more marbled meat with a lighter flavour that North American diners are accustomed to.


Grass-finished cattle, also referred to as ‘pasture-raised’, continue to consume grass and forage on pasture throughout the finishing stage. In other words, they’re fed grass for 100% of their lives. This approach ensures cattle receive all the nutrients needed to grow healthily while eliminating the reliance on alternative feeds. Grass finishing generally results in leaner beef with a higher intensity of flavour.

When purchasing grass-fed beef it’s important to be wary of some retailers who may list their products as "grass-fed", when the cattle were actually grain-finished. Here at Woodward Meats you can be assured that all of our beef labeled as "grass-fed" has been 100% grass fed for life!

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Does grass fed beef taste better? You'll have to decide for yourself.

Does Grass Fed Beef Taste Better?

Both grass and grain finishing methods result in delicious beef with slightly different flavour profiles. With the stronger beef flavour of grass-fed cattle the big question is - which beef is tastier? While we'd love to give you a firm answer, it truly all comes down to personal preference. We always encourage our customers to do their own taste test to decide which beef they like the best.

Is Grass Fed Beef Healthier?

Grass-fed beef is often touted as being a healthier option for health conscious consumers but the truth is both grass-fed and grain-finished beef are very close in overall nutritional value. Both provide excellent sources of protein, are high in iron and magnesium, and supply us with essential nutrients such as selenium, zinc and vitamin B-6 and B-12. Since grass is the food cattle were built to naturally digest, some consider grass-fed to be a more traditional way of raising beef.

Woodward Meats Grass Fed Beef Producers

For those of you interested in trying grass-fed beef, we carry what we feel is some of the best the world has to offer with Great Southern™ Pinnacle and Little Joe. All cattle at Great Southern™ are "grass-fed for life, free-range, free from added hormones, never treated with antibiotics or exposed to GMOs." They pride themselves on sustainable farming practices ensuring that their commitment to ethically producing quality products are guaranteed from their farm and across their entire supply chain.

Great Southern™ cattle are grown on lush pastures in southern Australia. In combination with year-round rainfall and healthily balanced soils, cattle are ensured the ability to graze on nutritious grasses in a meticulously cared for environment. All claims to the superiority of their products are independently certified by a third party accredited to the Assure Quality, the world standard for farm assurance.

In addition to their efforts to practice environmental stewardship, Great Southern™ strives to do its part in carbon management with the goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

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Great Southern Pinnacle logo

Great Southern™ Pinnacle

Great Southern™ Pinnacle grass-fed beef is renowned for its rich flavour and impressive marbling. With a marble score of 2+, this beef ensures full flavour, juiciness and tenderness. All cattle are raised on a pure grass-fed diet, free from any added hormones of antibiotics. We recommend this beef for consumers who seek the confidence that their beef has been raised 100% naturally.

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Little Joe

Little Joe is one of the most exclusive and highly sought after grass-fed products due to its marbling score of 4+. It was previously thought impossible to achieve this high a score from grass-fed beef. Marbling sets Little Joe apart from the rest and guarantees a tender, juicy steak with incredibly rich flavour. Meticulous efforts are taken to ensure the cattle are raised free-range and grass-fed for life, ensuring healthy cattle and a better environment.

Little Joe rib eye steaks
Little Joe grass-fed rib eye steaks with an impressive marbling score of 4+.
The superior quality of both Great Southern™ Pinnacle and Little Joe grass fed beef products have single-handedly changed our customers' perception of grass fed beef. With impressive marbling, consistent quality of product, and superior flavour, we're proud to carry Australian Great Southern™ products on our menu.
- Brian Woodward, Woodward Meats

Interested in trying out grass-fed beef but unsure where to start? Purchase our Grass Fed Beef Sampler Box to try a mix of both Great Southern Pinnacle and Little Joe grass-fed beef, with a variety of different cuts!

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