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Unrivaled Experience

We’re experts in sourcing meat both locally and from around the world, however an outstanding product is only the beginning. Our commitment to providing unrivaled service has shaped Woodward Meats into what it is today.

In 1985, Woodward Meats started out as a small steak cutting operation with a strong focus on quality and service. Commitment to these core values have driven growth and development since the very beginning.

Fast forward to now, Woodward Meats remains family owned and its direction as strong as ever - to stand out as Ontario’s premium meat supplier.

At Woodward Meats you have the ability to create custom protein programs, completely tailored to fit your needs.

As simple or complex as necessary, fine tune every detail from wet or dry aging, custom blends and grinds, portion control, hand selected product, working with local farms, ordering flexibility and on-demand delivery.