Meat, at its Best

Our strong partnerships with local Ontario farmers as well as producers across Canada and in other parts of the world have allowed us to consistently deliver a diverse selection of exceptional tasting meat.

An extensive selection offers the luxury of being able to choose from many options including country of origin, grade, diet, organic, no added hormones, and antibiotic free.

Dry Aged


Our local producers work on small family farms across the province to bring you traditionally raised products from right here in Ontario. Fed locally grown grass and grains and as much as possible the feed is grown on the farm that the animals are raised.

Take pride in contributing to the economic vitality, environmental health, and quality of life in the region. These farm-fresh products support the local economy and greatly reduce environmental impact of transport.


The Canadian Agriculture industry is ever changing but one aspect has always remained strong – Beef. While a large amount of our Canadian beef comes from Ontario, reaching out to other Provinces is required to take advantage of feed qualities specific to each particular region.

Additional domestic products sourced from Ontario and from other Provinces include Pork from Quebec and Lamb from Alberta.

  • Ontario

    Largest producer of corn. Cattle are grain finished with an abundance of corn.

  • Alberta

    High production of wheat, oats, flaxseed, and barley. Cattle grain finished with an abundance of barley.

  • PEI

    Largest producer of potatoes. Cattle are grain finished with a potato supplemented diet.


In a perfect world everything would come from Canadian producers but there are certain unique and specialty products only available in other parts of the world.

  • USA

    • American Wagyu
    • Choice Lamb
    • Kurobuta Pork
    • USDA Prime Beef
  • Australia &
    New Zealand

    • Full-blood & Pure Bred Wagyu
    • Grass-fed Beef
    • Grass-fed Lamb
    • Venison
  • Japan

    • 100% Full-blood Wagyu
  • Spain

    • Iberico Pork & Charcuterie